Searching For Answers

Avril Disappointed During my childhood I lived in a village in Hampshire, UK and attended a local denominational church. I always believed in God and as a child living in the countryside, it seemed logical that such a beautiful creation had to have a creator. I remember very clearly my confirmation and being bitterly disappointed …

What’s Life all about?


You get up in the morning, go to work, come home,
 eat your meal, watch TV, then go to bed. Each day 
follows the next, it’s the same routine each and every day.
 Then before you know where you are, years have
 passed by and you’re at the end of your life. You ask
 yourself the question, ‘What is life really all about?’

Open Minded

Jacky No Religious Background I wasn’t brought up in any religion and was open minded, always finding myself reading books about different philosophies and looking for truth and purpose in life.  I was invited to a Revival Centres Church meeting and decided to get baptised in water to see if there was anything in this …