What’s Life all about?

The Question

You get up in the morning, go to work, come home,
 eat your meal, watch TV, then go to bed. Each day 
follows the next, it’s the same routine each and every day.
 Then before you know where you are, years have
 passed by and you’re at the end of your life. You ask
 yourself the question, ‘What is life really all about?’

Jesus Christ came to give abundant life, (John 10v10),
 and everlasting life. Are you experiencing that
 abundace of life, or are you just experiencing
 whatever life throws at you?

The Offer

The Bible speaks of an experience where the believer 
in Jesus Christ is brought into a close relationship with 
God, where God forgives their sin, saves their soul,
 gives peace of mind and physically heals their body.
 Those who truly believe in Jesus Christ experience the
power and miracles of God in their lives, (Mark
16v17-18), and are truly set free (John 8v36). Why accept anything less.

What Next?

The Bible tells us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
 (John 6v28-29), repent of our sin, be baptised
 (immersed in water) and receive the Gift of the Holy
Spirit (Acts 2v37-38). When you receive the Holy Spirit
 you will immediately speak in tongues (Acts 2v4;
10v44-46). This is the new birth and it can be your
experience today.