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Welcome to Meet Jesus Course – Part 2

This is the second part of the Meet Jesus Course which gives more in depth study of Biblical subjects. Please bear in mind that the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew with a small amout of Aramaic, whilst the New Testament was originally written in Greek. From time to time throughout these studies reference will be made to the original Hebrew and Greek words used in scripture.

The Greek New Testament

If you have not yet received the Holy Spirit, please go through Part 1 of the course first, then come back to Part 2.

Further studies will be added to the list, including some audio files, so stay posted.

Taught by God

We understand life and the things which pertain to life through our intellect and we study the knowledge of this world academically. The knowledge of God, however, is not understood through our intellect, neither should it be studied academically, it should be obtained from God through his Spirit.