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Welcome to the Meet Jesus Course, an online self study Bible course which is in two parts. Part 1 covers the basics of how to come to Jesus Christ. Part 2 (Bible Answers) gives a more in-depth Bible studies. Click on the titles below to enter into the course material.

Sunday Meetings

Our Sunday meetings are held at 12:00 noon at The Olney Community Centre, High Street, Olney, Buckinghamshire, MK46 4EF, UK.

The Purpose of Believersanswer.org

Within these pages are Biblical directives to the genuine seeker of God’s Truth. The site presents Jesus Christ to the world as the only answer to all its needs and salvation.

The Bible instruction to each individual is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (John 6v28-29); repent, be baptised (immersed in water) and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2v38). The sign that will immediately accompany the receiving of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. (Acts 2v4; Acts 10v44-46).

This experience of receiving the Holy Spirit is referred to in the Bible as both the born again experience and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, (one and the same experience) and is essential for the person wishing to enter into the Kingdom of God/Heaven. (John 3v3-5).


How to receive the Holy Spirit now.

A Short Film – The Journey:

Personal Stories

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