Healed of a Bad Back and Chinese Worm

I went to a church meeting with my brother. I heard a powerful talk by the pastor based on logic and proof. There was proof that God existed! So, I was baptised that day. The next day, on the way back from university, I was sitting at the traffic lights on my motorbike just talking to God. As the lights changed, I asked God to prove Himself in His way. I started speaking in a new language, and suddenly I knew that God was alive. I knew that He wanted me plus my bad back was healed instantly! Proof, logical, instant! 10th June, 1973 at 4pm at the corner of Tram and Doncaster roads in Doncaster, Melbourne.

I travelled a lot for my work. I managed to catch a Chinese worm through some dodgy water. It started in my intestines but then ate its way through the intestinal wall, then started eating my heart lining and kidneys. It took a few months for the doctors to find the problem, but a visiting Chinese doctor recognised it immediately. I was weak, jaundiced, in constant pain and had a sharp pain every 5 seconds. She said that the only way to kill it was to place me in hospital, feed me a poison that would take me to 99% dead. After two weeks either I or the worm would die.

The next Sunday I was at a church meeting and the speaker was talking about God’s healing. I realised that we are only around for a few short years, so when God healed us it was really just a temporary extension of a short life. Why does He do that? Because He loves us so much He wants to give us good things. While I was thinking about how incredibly loving God is, the worm died. No continuous pain, no “munch” feeling every 5 seconds. All gone in an instant! I felt strong, My wife said my colour had returned to normal. God had healed me totally!

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