Liliana’s Story – Poland

My Former Life

Ever since I can remember, I have believed in God. My parents sent me to mainstream church lessons where I learned all about the traditions. I had a very happy childhood and I lacked nothing.

Later when I was studying, I also understood that all I had was thanks to God. I often asked God for help, especially before an important exam or when I was scared of something. I prayed in the morning and in the evening, went to the church services and participated in the religious holidays.

After I received my degree with top marks, I married my boyfriend that I had known since I was 15 years old. We moved abroad, quickly climbed the corporate ladder and travelled a lot. After a few years abroad we moved back to Poland to take care of the family business.

One day, God took my hand and showed me his true way. He reached out to me at the hardest time of my life; I had a miscarriage and soon after my father was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent three unsuccessful in-vitro fertilisation treatments and my business partner took me to court. I would never have been able to cope with all this if God hadn’t spoken to me, if He hadn’t caught me or pushed me forward.

I started reading the only true document that God gave to mankind, the Bible. I could find many answers to my questions and even though I didn’t understand many things, I gradually exchanged following religious rituals for a true faith in God. Despite my doubts at the beginning, I could see that it was meaningless to follow traditions because they didn’t bring me salvation. God had always loved me, but I didn’t fulfil his word and therefore I wasn’t saved.

My New Life in Christ

Today I am very thankful that I met people from the Revival Centres Church in Poland who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the early Christians. They showed me how much mainstream churches and their leaders had departed from these teachings. It took me five long years to make a final decision and I imagined God saying: “Enough, what are you waiting for?”

It was at a prayer meeting when God filled me with His Holy Spirit. I suddenly spoke in tongues and I remember how happy I was. I was so happy that I prayed in tongues the whole way back home in the car, because I just wanted to listen to this new language. Back at home I read the whole letter to Romans and I was amazed that I could suddenly understand the meaning of these words. A few days later I got baptised by full immersion in an idyllic lake and that’s how my adventure with God started.

I pray to God daily in the prayer language He has given me and He always answers me. He often shows me his answer in the Bible, sometimes straight away, sometimes after some time, but the answer always comes which is amazing and wonderful.

Since I have received the Holy Spirit, not everything in my life is suddenly easy. There are still setbacks. But God reassures me every day that that these situations are certain chapters that will pass, that I can cope because He is always with me and if I won’t give up there will be an amazing prize waiting for me; eternal life. At times I feel like Daniel in the lion’s den and I am often surprised by my own courage. I lead negotiations with ruthless business people in meetings I would never have participated in the past without my lawyer but now the Holy Spirit gives me strength.

I recently suffered from a strong allergic reaction on my eye lids. I was in constant pain and suffered from itching, reddening and teary eyes. The reaction was so strong that after some time it also affected my general well being. I tried everything: creams, vitamins, oils, cortisone and antibiotics. Nothing helped! I made an appointment at the hospital to do some tests. However at the same time the COVID-19 pandemic began and I couldn’t go to the hospital anymore.

My pastor saw me in this poor condition and he offered to pray for me which I accepted gladly. He laid hands on me and prayed. An hour after the prayer I could already feel an improvement and after a few days the allergy disappeared completely. It is truly wonderful to be a child of God!

Find salvation in your own Bible:
Mark 16v17; Acts 2v4; Acts 10v44-46; Acts 19v1-6.

What to do:
Acts 2v37-38.

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