Asha’s Story

Hello everyone! My name is Asha and I am originally from Nepal. I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ during my childhood and my whole family started going to church.  As a child I was very excited to get to know God and was full of joy when I went to church, singing, praying and so on. 

In my early twenties I began lacking in seriousness about anything. I started chasing love in the world and that took me away from God.

Received the Holy Spirit

I received the Holy Spirit in 2015 during the evening prayer in my church with other brothers and sisters. When we were praying I suddenly felt as if fire was on me and I felt as if I was burning. I was aware of my sins, I cried and at the same time I started speaking in tongues. Something touched me deep inside my heart. 

After I received the Holy Spirit I had a great fear of the Lord but instead of seeking God, I again started looking for love in the world. I married and my husband and I moved to Europe but my marriage fell apart because our foundation was not Christ. 

In 2019 I moved and for the first time I lived alone but the Lord was with me all the time. I walked in Christ and He showed me who He really was. He provided me with everything I needed and He taught me many things which no human could have taught me. 

I learnt to be patient, kind, meek, to tolerate, to forgive and mainly to rejoice everyday in the Lord no matter what was going on in my life. He helped me to fight trials and live a victorious life. The Lord also put kind people in my path who helped me during this difficult time. Earlier in my life, I didn’t know what love was but through hardship, Christ taught me about true love and He made me realise what He did for me on the cross. I love Him and I cannot imagine my life without Him. 

Fellowship in Poland

Another part of my story began in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. At that time I had been living alone for a year and a half and I didn’t want to live in Europe any longer. To be honest I wanted to leave Europe forever but I asked the Lord to guide me and I told Him: “Lord, not my will, but yours.” 

Right after my prayer I received a message on my phone from an unknown number and I wondered who it was. It was Pastor Konrad from Revival Centres Church in Poland and he told me about the summer camp in Poland. I decided to attend. It was a step in faith because I didn’t know anyone there but I flew to Poland without fear and another adventure started. 

Baptised by Full Immersion in Water

We had wonderful fellowship at the camp and everything was provided for me. During the camp I was baptised by full immersion in the Baltic Sea – a truly happy moment for me. I felt genuine love in the church, so I decided to stay in Poland because of the fellowship. 

In Poland have had to start from zero again but my eyes are set on the things of the Lord. I have a beautiful place to live and have wonderful company. I am provided with work. 

When we meet in the church meetings, we operate as a family where we discuss the things of the Lord and we laugh a lot. I am very thankful to God first because He had favour upon me and also for choosing Pastor Konrad and his wife Lucia to take care of me. 

Christ is alive and He loves us more than we can imagine with our human mind. I was lost, but now I am found in Christ. I surrendered my life to Him and my only desire is to serve Him and tell people what He did in my life. This is my testimony until now and we will see what the Lord has to add to my life in the future. I know that He has good things in store for me. 

May God bless You all. 

Find salvation in your own Bible:
Mark 16v17; Acts 2v4; Acts 10v44-46; Acts 19v1-6.

What to do:
Acts 2v37-38.