Pastor Konrad – Poland

I cannot say that I was a God-seeking man. I silently ridiculed my friend who spoke to me about God, believing that he was clearly in the period of the so-called “midlife crisis”. One fine day, in a small Australian country town, I let him persuade me, out of politeness only, to visit his church. 

Until that moment I wasn’t really fond of Christians as I found them a bit closed-minded. However, when I entered the cinema room where the meeting took place, I saw ordinary people talking about God as if they really knew Him. He was not for them an abstract concept, as it was for me back then, He was almost something tangible. 

I was amazed by their simplicity, innocence and clarity of mind. As an artist, I found a clean place in its form and content. Until then, I did not think that such people existed, I considered them an extinct species, so it is easy to imagine my surprise. 

As a sceptic, however, I decided to observe this group by going there from time to time and trying to catch them out for some iniquity. After three years of observation and discussion with these people, I had to give up; they were clean. 

Baptised and Filled with the Holy Spirit

Even though my life differed from their lives as much as two things can be, I decided to be baptised because I felt I needed God to help me through this life that He had given me. Two weeks after I was baptised, I received the Holy Spirit when one evening, while I was playing the guitar and singing, suddenly my tongue changed and I started speaking in tongues. As you can imagine, I was quite surprised. This is where my story with the Lord began. 

My life since has been full of surprises, strange situations, blessings, love, nuts that are hard to crack, faith in the impossible becoming possible, apostolic missions and many other amazing experiences that I would like to tell you about. My life has been completely changed and when I sometimes think about who I would be today without God, I see only a void.

Find salvation in your own Bible:
Mark 16v17; Acts 2v4; Acts 10v44-46; Acts 19v1-6.

What to do:
Acts 2v37-38.